Here is some information that Jane Vohden wanted to share with all of us about a seed exchange: 

     In Ester this year they held a seed exchange. Different people brought seeds that they had harvested last fall for planting this spring. Have you ever heard of Borage? I haven't googled it yet but my understanding is that it is a leafy green with a pretty blue flower. Would you like any of those seeds?   I think that's all I have extra of for now.  Let me know.  I don't know anything else about the borage. Is there anyone interesting in trying to harvest seeds from the gardens in the fall?  
Thanks again!    - Jane Vohden 

I found some information about Borage on the following website:
Add your comments about harvesting seeds in the fall, and a seed exchange for next spring. Contact Jane directly if you are interested in some of her Borage seeds <>.

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