Hopefully all of you gardeners have planted all of your seeds, vegetable plants, and flowers, as well as loaded your greenhouses this past weekend. I did, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Now you are well-practiced to help us plant the Butrovich Gardens.
     As you may have noticed, our garden beds have not yet been rototilled. Facilities Services was repairing a leak near one of the terrace walls recently, and has only recently been able to send a work-crew to begin the rototilling process. Today's job was weeding around the Peony and Iris flowers to make it easier to see them. Other crews this week will rototill and add compost. As it is such a big job, we have been informed that they may not have the gardens ready by this coming Wednesday for Planting Day. If this is the case, our plants will remain safely in the greenhouse until the beds are ready for planting. 
     A few volunteers helped to relocate some Jacob's Ladder flowers to save them from the rototiller. They have been transferred to the flag-pole area just behind the block wall. This area is always open to volunteers who want to work off some calories and stress by pulling some weeds. We are also looking for more flowers to add to this area, so let us know if you are thinning irises, lilies, or other perennials.

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    Jocelyn Martin, 
    I am one of several Master Gardeners who work at Statewide, and enjoy playing in the dirt at the Butrovich Gardens.


    May 2012