Greetings, Fellow Butrovich Gardeners!
     Good for you! You found our BLOG! Feel free to visit often, and share your comments, suggestions, and recipes with all of us. I will pop on here periodically with updates. 
     The snow is melting (though slowly from my yard on the hill), and the temperatures are getting (a little) warmer. Thoughts are turning to gardening, and some of us have even started seeds inside. I currently have eight tomato plants that are a foot high, as well as a flat with a variety of vegetable seedlings under my grow lights. 
     The 2012 season for the Butrovich Gardens has begun, and if you are new to our site, I'll pause to give you a bit of history. The Butrovich Gardens are those located on the cement terraces just across the parking lot at the front of the Butrovich Building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. We have enjoyed the beautiful Peony flowers that bloom each year, and a couple of years ago a few employees began planting some vegetables to share. We are now into our third year of the gardens, with plans for the best one yet!
     Plans for the 2012 season actually began this past January with a small group of volunteers selecting the layout and seeds to plant. A copy of the plan is attached at the end of today's blog (just after the photos). The seeds were ordered in January by UAF Facilities Services, and planted just a few weeks ago. They have now emerged into sprouting seedlings, and a few of us recently had the pleasure of visiting the greenhouse to snap a few photos. 
    The garden beds are scheduled to be rototiled sometime during the week of May 14. Our plants will be delivered around the annual UAF Planting Day (yet to be determined) for us to set them into the beds, and we will be looking for some volunteers who want to have some fun in the dirt! 

   Photos by: Jocelyn Martin & Sharon Gramstad   
ABOVE: Tray of herb seedlings reserved for the Butrovich Gardens.

LEFT: Paula holds a tray of the Butrovich Garden seedlings.

BELOW: Paula & Sharon observe the squash plants for the Butrovich Gardens.

BOTTOM: Blooming Geraniums

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5/10/2012 03:17:32 am

Wow, what an amazing amount of work all of you "seeders" and the UAF Facilities folks have done! Thank you so very much for all of your efforts...the delights in the gardens make the start and the end of the summer work days so much brighter!


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    Jocelyn Martin, 
    I am one of several Master Gardeners who work at Statewide, and enjoy playing in the dirt at the Butrovich Gardens.


    May 2012